Christmas Turkeys

The traditional centrepiece of the table. Our turkeys are sourced from the Copas Family in Cookham, Berkshire. What makes our turkeys so special? There are a few key differences between one of our free-range bronze turkeys and a standard turkey. Firstly, the breed is chosen for its suitability to an outdoor environment, thriving in natural surroundings foraging in their pastures and among fruit trees and hedges. They are also slow to mature taking around 5-7 months, some 3-4 months longer than commercial birds. This results in rich, dense meat and more of a cover of fat. The birds are then game hung (similar to ageing beef) for tenderness and dry-plucked, by hand, to produce the very best tasting turkey.

All our bronze turkeys are free-range. We also have turkey crowns and boneless turkey breast joints too, perfect if you still want all the flavour of Christmas but with an easier joint to carve.

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