Christmas Turkeys

The traditional centrepiece of the table. Our turkeys are sourced from the Walters Family on the Berkshire Downs. What makes our turkeys so special? There are a few key differences between one of our free-range bronze turkeys and a standard turkey. Walters carefully select slow growing traditional breeds that reach full maturity naturally. By day the Turkeys enjoy the fresh air of the Berkshire downs, running through the meadows and expelling their natural instinct by foraging and pecking through the grass. When dusk descends the turkeys make their way back into the large fresh straw bedded to barns to be shut up safely for the night.

All of their turkeys are dry plucked and hand finished on their farm. They are game hung for up to two weeks in purpose built refrigerated rooms. This ensures their turkeys are moist, tender and develop that full old fashioned flavour Walters Turkeys are renowned for.

All our bronze turkeys are free-range. We also have turkey crowns and boneless turkey breast joints too, perfect if you still want all the flavour of Christmas but with an easier joint to carve.

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