With beautiful misty mornings and woodsmoke hanging in the evening air, we’ve well and truly landed in autumn. Despite a mini-heatwave for a couple of weeks in this month, the nights are certainly getting chilly and winter preparations have begun.

Considering what we were faced with at the start of spring, we’ve had a truly memorable summer. As we reflect, I wanted to say a huge thank you again to everyone who supported us by buying local when the crisis first hit and for being patient whilst we adapted. Thank you also for joining us this summer in our Garden Kitchen. When the sun shone there was no finer place to be. A huge thank you also to our team who adapted so brilliantly, kept smiling throughout and who humoured me with my crazy ideas on what to do next.

Now turning to our winter preparations and future plans. We have really benefited from being able to spread out through the gardens and paddock through the summer and keep everyone socially distanced. We’ve been really busy planning what to do when the weather turns and as I’m sure you’ll agree, feel we cannot retreat back to what we had before. We don’t feel we can sustainably operate both in terms of our business but also regarding distancing and keeping everyone safe. So in true seasonal farming style, our plan is to move our food trailer from the summer paddock to the barn for the winter! We’re busy tidying up one of our barns to turn it into our temporary home for the winter. We’re really excited about making a unique, beautiful but most importantly a safe space for the winter and we can’t wait to show you later this month. This will also allow a little more space and capacity in our farm shop to bring you even more exciting delicious local food among a few Christmas treats. 

For obvious reasons, we have decided to cancel this year’s Christmas Market, but we have a few smaller events up our sleeves. Christmas orders will also be underway later this month with the ability to order online this year as well as in-store. We plan to continue our click and collect and local delivery service. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter on our website or follow us on social media with all the up-to-date information you need!

All the best