The Big Green Egg

We’re all talking about them. In fact, you can’t stop us talking about them!

You may well have seen these popping up on your TV screens over the last year or two. The Big Green Egg is every food enthusiast’s dream.

Grill the perfect steak

You can grill the perfect steak, bake the perfect pizza or slow roast or even smoke the perfect joint of meat. There really is no stopping you!

Natural lumpwood charcoal

The Big Green Egg is fired by natural lumpwood charcoal and take around 10-15 minutes to light and be ready to cook. It’s clean, efficient and very easy to get started with.


Used by the best chefs

It now features in many of the top kitchens around the world (including our very own of course!) and used by many of the very best chefs.

If you’re still not convinced, book a demonstration with us!

The Big Green Egg

What will I learn?

We will show you:

  • Lighting, getting to temperature & maintaining your egg
  • How to roast, smoke & grill, from set up to cooking
  • A brief intro to the key accessories you might need to get you going
  • The different sizes of egg and which will suit you best at home

To book a demo please use the form or give us a call on 01225 864 94

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