January is always a great month for a bit of reflection and of course a bit of goal setting! Well, one of our first new projects we’re excited to launch is tackling the global problem of non-recyclable takeaway coffee cups. As a nation, we use more than 8 million a day and it is estimated that only one in four hundred are able to be recycled. This is partly due to the way that they are made; to make paper cups watertight, they are laminated with plastic.  This then needs to be separated from the paper to be recycled which is quite an arduous job and very few companies are willing to do this due to the costs involved.

One of our core values as a business, and something we introduce to anyone joining the team here is to ‘be responsible’. What we mean by this we want to take ownership of our own actions, or as Ghandi famously said, “to be the change you wish to see”. Now, we know that our little family farm tucked away in the corner of Wiltshire will have little impact on a global scale, but that doesn’t matter, because we are doing our bit, and others will too and it’s the combination of lots of little acts that make the big change.

So our first little act is to change our stance on coffee cups. From January we’ve said good-bye to the non recyclable takeaway coffee cups and now provide a fully compostable version made from plant-based material. But we’re not stopping there! If you bring in your own reusable coffee cup you will get 20p off your coffee, so you have a chance to help too. More green thinking is underway and we’ll keep you updated as we go through our blog and our newsletter.