As we waved goodbye to the chill of January and February, our team has been deep in the throes of planning for the exciting year ahead. With spring peeking around the corner, we’re thrilled to start bringing our visions to life. The feedback from our community survey was overwhelming, and we’ve been diligently sorting through your valuable suggestions to compile our action list. We’re proud to announce that our calendar is now brimming with events, including new additions like the Living Wreath Workshop on March 19th, just in time for Easter and Mothering Sunday, and a special Farm Tour & Breakfast during the Easter Holidays. To stay in the loop with our latest happenings, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter. Sign-up is easy: simply fill out the form on our website or grab a subscription card at the farm shop.

In response to your feedback, we’re also excited to unveil a refreshed menu at The Barn this month. Embracing the rhythm of the seasons while keeping it straightforward, we’re introducing a selection of new dishes, from homemade soups and sandwiches to fresh salads for those quick lunches, not forgetting our heartier fare to satisfy larger appetites!

This spring’s first major endeavour is rejuvenating our outdoor spaces. After a particularly harsh winter, our play area is in desperate need of some tender loving care. We’re hopeful to have started work by the time you’re reading this, aiming to enhance your visit with more engaging activities for children, sheltered seating areas for events, and a new grab-and-go selection from the deli—perfect for energizing your dog walks, childcare days, or swift stops when the takeaway Cabin is taking a break.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, we’re preparing for the arrival of this year’s first calves, anticipating some sleepless nights as we watch over our expectant mothers and their new offspring. They say March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” a saying that rings especially true for us during calving season. The early arrivals, often greeted by the brisk, stormy embrace of early spring, contrast with their later-born kin, who bask in the gentle warmth of the spring sun. No matter the weather, it’s a time of excitement and renewal on the farm.

Wishing you all the best as we step into this season of new beginnings! All the best, Tom